Unlocking the potential of energy efficiency and renewable energy

Champion Cities

The following cities have signed up as champion cities of the district energy in cities initiative: London, Paris, Milan.

Learning Cities

The District Energy in Cities Initiative is currently supporting the following learning cities: Temuco (Chile), Renca (Chile), Coyhaique (Chile), Marrakesh (Morocco), Rajkot (India), Bhopal (India), Thane (India), Pune (India), Coimbatore(India), Belgrade (Serbia), Ashtrakan (Russia).

Why join the DES Initiative?

Access to our Virtual Platform, including tools, methodologies, best practices, training webinars and modules, publications and fundraising-matchmaking webinars.

Exchange with learning cities and mentor partners of the DES Initiative such as champion cities and private sector partners. Linking cities and partners will help strengthen the scale-up of project methods and tools and also provide a community for exchange with private sector actors.

Learning cities will receive a regionally tailored rapid assessment methodology that evaluates the potential for DES to meet a city’s climate, energy and development policy objectives. These regionally tailored rapid assessments methodologies are included in training sessions on the use of the rapid assessment tool.

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